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8th NZCGS Annual Global Affairs Lecture
Hon James Shaw, Minister of Climate Change

The Centre held its 8th Annual Global Affairs Lecture on 6 December, 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm. The Lecture was given by New Zealand’s Minister of Climate Change, Hon James Shaw, who had just returned from the UN’s COP26 (Glasgow), … Continued

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Reinventing Multilateral Order
Sundeep Waslekar

A thoughtful and constructive article has been completed on Reinventing Multilateral Order by Sundeep Waslekar.  The author has previously contributed to the NZCGS blog column (Systemic Global Change: Two ingredients – mutual global trust, legitimate global governance, 8 May 2020).  The … Continued

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Military Cooperation
And The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Hugh Steadman

On 22nd January, 2021, the TPNW came into force with the requisite fifty nations having ratified the treaty. Since then, several others, including Cambodia and Philippines have joined. The background has been dealt with at some length in my recent … Continued

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The United States in 2021
National, international, global implications
Pooran Pandey

The US presidential election has now concluded with the Electoral College confirming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winners (by 306 to 232 votes).  It remains for Congress to certify the Electoral College votes on 6 January, before the … Continued

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Health and the Global Community: Part II
Opportunities for ‘global fitness’
David Minton

In Part I, I commented on the state of individual fitness at the national level, focusing on the UK and the USA.  In short, levels of physical activity need to increase. But what about at the global level – through … Continued

Health and the Global Community: Part I
Questions of national fitness
David Minton

The current Covid pandemic has swiped the human species like few events before.  In early September, we have 25 m. cases and are heading for 1 m. fatalities. It is an historic challenge to the international community of states.  And … Continued

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Reform of the UN Security Council:
The potential of India
Pooran Chandra Pandey

India was recently elected to the Security Council for the two-year period, 2021-22.   What does this portend for the UN – and for India? As a serious player within the UN system and also as an active participant in UN … Continued

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Aviation & Global Sustainability, Pt II
Shifting attitudes
Claire Waghorn

Aviation is a force for good.  It broadens the mind. It connects people with new cultures, experiences, places and opportunities; and it underpins the global economy. Yet, its dependency on fossil fuel is harmful.  What, then, to do? Aviation currently … Continued

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Aviation & Global Sustainability, Pt I
The international framework
Claire Waghorn

International aviation has landed – abruptly. The global COVID-19 pandemic has seen closed borders, on-going travel restrictions, decreasing passenger demand, airline lay-offs and bankruptcy. It is undoubtedly the biggest challenge the aviation industry has faced, to date. Yet this is … Continued

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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
India’s ‘glocal’ response to the virus
Ashutosh Misra

The title-phrase derives from Hindu scripture. It is found in the Upanishads, and the full verse remains engraved on the entrance to the Parliament of India.  Essentially, the world is one family. For centuries, the phrase has shaped India’s spiritual … Continued