[Watch] Public Talk on the Global Politics of Nuclear Policy

Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Conflicting Perspectives in an Age of Tension

On the 24th of May, 2024, the Centre hosted Cassandra Varanka (Peace Fellow, University of Queensland) for a public talk on the global politics of nuclear deterrence and disarmament policy

As well as a range of people in person, we were joined by participants online including Assoc Prof Marianne Hanson (International Relations, University of Queensland) and Assoc Prof Anna Hood (Law, University of Auckland). Dr Kennedy Graham provided a response to Cassandra’s talk, with Assoc Prof Jamie Gillen convening and moderating. 

To watch a recording of the talk – including Cassandra’s presentation, Dr Graham’s response, and comment from Assoc Prof Hanson – see here (available in 1080p HD): https://youtu.be/dxFWa8PfYLM

Author: Kiraan Chetty

June 2, 2024

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