Comparable Institutions

Below you can find links to institutes and organizations whose work inform the topic of global studies that is of interest to the Centre.

Global Studies

Columbia University: Committee on Global Thought

University of Cambridge: Global Study

Rutgers University: Global Affairs Division

Harvard University: Institute for Global Law and Policy

Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship Programme

Global Public Policy Institute (Berlin)

Durham University: Global Policy Institute

Global Institute for Tomorrow

Global Futures Research

The Millennium Project

Global Governance

United Nations University

University of Waterloo: Global Governance Programme

Global Policy Forum

Global Citizenship

UNESCO Global Citizenship Education Programme

Global Sustainability

Utah University: Global Change & Sustainability Center

Planetary Boundaries

Stockholm Resilience Centre

Global Environment

Columbia University: Earth Institute

Climate Change

Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Responsibility to Protect

Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect