Below you can find links to institutes and organizations whose work inform the topic of global studies that is of interest to the Centre.

Global studies networks as at Jan 2020

Global Studies

Columbia University: Committee on Global Thought

University of Cambridge: Global Study

Rutgers University: Global Affairs Division

Harvard University: Institute for Global Law and Policy

Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship Programme

Global Public Policy Institute (Berlin)

Durham University: Global Policy Institute

Global Institute for Tomorrow

Global Futures Research

The Millennium Project

Global Governance

United Nations University

University of Waterloo: Global Governance Programme

Global Policy Forum

Global Citizenship

UNESCO Global Citizenship Education Programme

Global Sustainability

Utah University: Global Change & Sustainability Center

Planetary Boundaries

Stockholm Resilience Centre

Global Environment

Columbia University: Earth Institute

Climate Change

Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression

Responsibility to Protect

Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect