The Trust Deed

The Deed of Trust for the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies Charitable Trust was signed on 15 November 2012 between Kennedy Graham, as Settlor, and 11 Trustees. It was registered as a charitable entity by the NZ Charities Commission, effective 24 July 2013 (reg. no. CC49624).

Financial statements and the Annual Returns for the March financial years have been submitted to and accepted by the Charities Commission since the F/Y 2013.

Notice of changes to the Centre (change of address; changes in membership of the Board and the International Advisory Panel) were notified to the Commission and acknowledged on 14 January 2015. Notification of a change to the Trust Deed, changing the financial reporting requirement from a formal audit to a financial review, was accepted by the Commission on 7 October 2015. Other matters, including membership changes to the Board, have also been notified as appropriate.

Details of these developments and the financial returns may be accessed through the Charities Commission website, using the Centre’s registration number.