Under the Trust Deed, the Centre undertakes a research report series on issues of global affairs, which have been granted ISBN status.

The reports to date are listed below, and can be accessed in PDF form.


Research Report Series

Report 1 (2015) Global Governance and the UN Security Council: From the 20th century to the 21st, Kennedy Graham (ISBN 978-1-99-118740-6)

Report 2 (2015) Climate Goals for New Zealand in 2013: An ambitious emissions reduction target, Kennedy Graham (ISBN 978-1-99-118741-3)

Report 3 (2016) Building Criminal Accountability at the Global level: The New Zealand experience, Neil Boister (ISBN 978-1-99-118742-0)

Report 4 (2019) The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty: Political and legal dimensions, Kennedy Graham ISBN (978-1-99-118743-7)

Report 5 (2020) Time to Upgrade Our Global Institutions: A fresh vision from Aotearoa NZ, Colin Keating & Kennedy Graham (ISBN 978-1-99-118744-4)

Report 6 (2020) The Modern University in the Global Age: Models of transformational change, Christopher Gallavin (ISBN 978-1-99-118745-1)

Report 7 (2022) Systemic Lessons from Ukraine: A new framework of law and governance, Kennedy Graham (ISBN 978-1-99-118746-8)

Report 8 (2022) Legal Personhood of Natural Resources – The potential for ocean jurisdiction, Christopher Finlayson (ISBN 978-1-99-118747-5)

Report 9 (2022) “Fit for Purpose?” A Study of the Political and Legal CAMLR, Kennedy Graham, Jeremy Webb (ISBN 978-1-99-118748-2)

Report 10 (2023) The Theory and Practice of Self-Determination: Challenges for International Law, Prospects for Global Governance, Kiraan Chetty (ISBN 978-1-99-118749-9)

Cover Note (2023) regarding papers (Reports 11-17) published from the Symposium “Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Conflicting perspectives in an age of tension

Report 11 (2023) The Risk of Nuclear Conflict: Calculating the Unthinkable, Tim Caughley (ISBN 978-1-99-118750-5)

Report 12 (2023) Australia, US, China and the Pacific: Cooperation or Competition, John Tilemann (ISBN 978-1-99-118751-2)

Report 13 (2023) Self-Defence and Nuclear Deterrence: The Challenge for the UN Security Council, Ramesh Thakur (ISBN 978-1-99-118752-9)

Report 14 (2023) Collective Security and Self-Defence: The Challenge to the United Nations, Kennedy Graham (ISBN 978-1-99-118753-6)

Report 15 (2023) No-First Use: Current status, contemporary misconceptions, Tanya Ogilvie-White (ISBN 978-1-99-118754-3)

Report 16 (2023) The Nuclear Prohibition Treaty: Where to from here?, Tuiloma Neroni Slade (ISBN 978-1-99-118755-0)

Report 17 (2023) Reshaping the Global Security Order: Can the Prohibition Treaty build a framework for eliminating nuclear weapons?, Marianne Hanson (ISBN 978-1-99-118756-7)

Report 18 (2024) Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Conflicting perspectives in an age of tension, Cassandra Varanka (ISBN 978-1-99-118757-4)

Graduate Scholar Series


Paper 1 (2023) Legal Personhood: Concept, history, and potential application to the global commons, Jasper Winkler (ISSN 3021-1506)