Symposium on Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament

Symposium on Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament

by | Aug 23, 2023

On 8-9 August, the Centre, in collaboration with the Toda Peace Institute (Tokyo), convened a Symposium at the University of Auckland. The primary subject was:

Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Conflicting perspectives in an age of tension

The symposium was marked by two public addresses, an Opening Address by Prof Ramesh Thakur and a Closing Address by HE Tuiloma Neroni Slade.  In addition, NZCGS and Toda were able to engage a panel of leading experts from four countries: New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Samoa.

Both the public addresses and the closed session were informative and insightful, sufficient to warrant, in the view of NZCGS and Toda, a series of published papers.  The list of papers is shown below. We look forward to responses from the public on this subject of critical importance.

Chris Gallavin, Director, NZ Centre for Global Studies

“Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament: Conflicting perspectives in an age of tension”

The Risk of Nuclear Conflict: Calculating the Unthinkable – Tim Caughley               

Australia, the US, China and Pacific: Cooperation or competition?  – John Tilemann

Self-defence and Nuclear Deterrence: The challenge to the UNSC – Ramesh Thakur

Nuclear Deterrence & Alliances:  Challenges to international Law – Kennedy Graham

No-First Use: Current status, contemporary misconceptions – Tanya Ogilvie-White

The Nuclear Prohibition Treaty: Where to, from here?  – Neroni Slade

AI and Humanity: The ultimate threat to peace – Nobumasa Akiyama

Rethinking the Global Nuclear Order – Marianne Hanson

All of these papers are available to read on the Publications page. 

Author: Dr Kennedy Graham

Dr Graham, a former diplomat, university lecturer, UN official and MP, is founding Director of the Centre.

August 23, 2023

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