COP26 – Climate Negotiations at Glasgow

NZCGS Board member and reputed business-environmental journalist, Rod Oram, has been attending COP26 in Glasgow these past few weeks, and regularly reporting back through Newsroom.

Here are his reports.

14 November       COP26’s inadequate package could still lead to progress

13 November       COP26: The world waits, with faint hope

12 November       COP26 reaches its peak, final day

11 November       Treacherous final two days for COP26

10 November       A darker prediction from COP26

10 November       Q&A: What does COP26 Climate Summit mean for NZ?

9 November          NZ’s Shaw given key task at COP26

8 November          COP26’s difficult second week

6 November          Pro-talks: NZ farmers shouldn’t feel picked on at COP26

3 November          Things start to move at COP26

2 November          NZ loses the plot on the way to the big UN dance

26 October           What to watch for at COP26

22 October           A country getting serious about climate change

18 October           New Zealand is ‘massively on the back foot’ on methane

8 October              The harsh climate truth about methane

1 October              ’Keep 1.5 Alive’ is an uninspiring Glasgow goal

August 13              We can’t afford not to do net zero

August 1                NZ’s blind spot on dairy emissions

Author: Rod Oram

Rod Oram is a business journalist and columnist with 40 years' experience as an international business journalist. He has worked for various publications in Europe and North America, including the Financial Times of London. He contributes weekly to Nine to Noon, and Newstalk ZB.

November 12, 2021

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