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Samoan Constitutional Crisis
Jayden van Leeuwen

Although Samoan’s went to the polls on 9 April 2021, the wait for a clear winner of that election is still ongoing, and the outcome could have wide-ranging implications for the region – not only because Samoa is a well-respected … Continued

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Myanmar pleads for the world to honour R2P
The Responsibility to Protect
Ramesh Thakur

This is not a blog I had expected, intended or wanted to write. I have politely declined requests to write on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in relation to the current crisis in Myanmar and the climbing civilian death toll. The … Continued

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The Challenge of US Electoral Instability
Tapio Kanninen

When Joseph Biden won the 2020 US election many hoped that there would be a quick return to an old globalist agenda and support for international institutions. However, the US has changed politically, socially, and culturally, which will seriously constrain such a reversal from … Continued

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New United States Leadership
And the Global Order
Abbas Nazari

In his address to the Munich security conference (his first international speech as president), President Biden told European leaders the US wants to “earn back our position of trusted leadership.” In a clean break from the isolationist policies of his predecessor, President Biden noted … Continued

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Military Cooperation
And The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Hugh Steadman

On 22nd January, 2021, the TPNW came into force with the requisite fifty nations having ratified the treaty. Since then, several others, including Cambodia and Philippines have joined. The background has been dealt with at some length in my recent … Continued

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Trump’s Exit
Dilemmas of Social Media, Free Speech and Democracy
Chris Williams

What might future historians note as the epoch-making aspects of Donald Trump’s exit? Perhaps it will include something that is attracting less academic attention at present – social media companies closing down Trump’s accounts. Twitter and later Snapchat permanently banned Trump. Facebook and YouTube restricted him, and Amazon closed the … Continued

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Unhinged Leaders and Nuclear Weapons
It’s Time To Act
Tanya Ogilvie-White

I’ve spent my life studying the risks posed by nuclear weapons. I’ve always worried that one day an unhinged leader would emerge in a nuclear-armed country, with the authority to launch a nuclear attack. To me, the assumption that nuclear-armed … Continued