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Reform the UN Security Council
Or watch it perish
Ramesh Thakur

As the UN General Assembly opens its annual session for 2020/21 this month, delegates should introspect on the transformations in world affairs in the 75 years since the Charter was signed. In 1945, Britain and France were ‘victorious’ Allied powers
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Health and the Global Community: Part II
Opportunities for ‘global fitness’
David Minton

In Part I, I commented on the state of individual fitness at the national level, focusing on the UK and the USA.  In short, levels of physical activity need to increase. But what about at the global level – through
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Health and the Global Community: Part I
Questions of national fitness
David Minton

The current Covid pandemic has swiped the human species like few events before.  In early September, we have 25 m. cases and are heading for 1 m. fatalities. It is an historic challenge to the international community of states.  And
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