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Rod Oram

Rod Oram is a Business Journalist serving as a member on the NZCGS Board. He holds a BA in politics and economics and an MSJ in journalism from Northwestern University, USA. In New Zealand, Rod has held some honorary roles at Unitec in Auckland, including an adjunct professorship in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Rod is a columnist and shareholder at Newsroom; an Edmund Hillary Fellow and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

How 10 billion people will be able to live well and sustainably on this planet by 2050 is Rod’s absolutely central preoccupation as a business journalist and citizen. This is also the main focus of his contributions to the work of NZCGS and its Board. Rod has played a major role in NZCGS’ Global Security programmes and also serves the NZCGS Treasurer role.

Rod is a former trustee and chair of the Ākina Foundation  a former trustee of the Centre for Socially Responsible Investment; and a former elected representative in the Anglican Diocese of Auckland Synod and in the Anglican General Synod Te Hinota Whānui.

A few of Rod’s recent publications include:

Three Cities: Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene (BWB Texts, 2016) https://www.bwb.co.nz/books/three-cities/; Resource Management Law Association 2017 Salmon Lecture; Chapter author in the collections of essays: Griffith Review vol 43, 2014; New Zealand Government and Politics, 6th edition, Oxford University Press 2015; The Big Questions: What is New Zealand’s Future? Penguin, 2018;  Climate Aotearoa: What’s Happening & what we can do about it, editor Helen Clark, Allen & Unwin, April 2021; and Environmental Politics and Policy in Aotearoa, edited by Julie MacArthur and Maria Bargh, Auckland University Press, mid-2021

Rod can be contacted via email at [email protected]