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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
India’s ‘glocal’ response to the virus
Ashutosh Misra

The title-phrase derives from Hindu scripture. It is found in the Upanishads, and the full verse remains engraved on the entrance to the Parliament of India.  Essentially, the world is one family. For centuries, the phrase has shaped India’s spiritual … Continued

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Systemic Global Change: Two Ingredients
Mutual global trust; legitimate global governance
Sundeep Waslekar

The international community of states, today, is so heavily engaged in deadly rivalry and competition that we have forgotten the idea of global unity and cooperation.  The latter is, however, a precondition of human survival. The year 2020 began with … Continued

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Global Responses to the Pandemic, Pt II
Assessing the international and national actors
Tapio Kanninen & Georgios Kostakos

In Part I, we focused primarily on the effort of the UN and WHO, and its relationship with some of the major member states.  In this part, we explore in more depth the internal dynamics of those powerful countries. National … Continued

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Global Responses to the Pandemic, Pt I
Assessing the international and national actors
Tapio Kanninen & Georgios Kostakos

How have the UN and other international organizations – and indeed the whole global governance system – responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?  What are we learning from this response? Back in 2010 we examined (Journal of International Organizations Studies) whether, and … Continued

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‘The Future of University: post-Covid’
Prescriptive thoughts for global education
Chris Gallavin & Tim Hatherley-Greene

The Covid-19 induced crisis presents all walks of society with an opportunity to re-evaluate. No more important is that, than in the university sector. It is no secret that the university sector globally has been in crisis for some years. … Continued

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Systemic Global Change: Part III
A moment, a group, a path
Kennedy Graham

In Part II of this blog series, three conclusions were drawn: This decade is likely to be a seminal moment of systemic change to the contemporary international system, updating its 20th features to fit the 21st. The legitimate grouping for … Continued

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Environmental Victims in the Global Community
What about the corona virus?
Chris Williams

My 1998 book, ‘Environmental Victims’, sought to relate the intensifying spread of environmental problems around the world to issues of natural justice, international law, public health, social policy and international security. The project looked at environmental problems specifically from the … Continued

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The New ‘Global War’
Thoughts on the consequences
Hans Haumer

The coronavirus has overrun the world in no time. This ‘blitzkrieg’ so far only needed four months to destroy many lives, dealing the world economy a serious blow – threatening to topple the Great Depression from its pole position of … Continued

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A New Global Order? Not necessarily
A critique of ‘global assumptions’
Fraser Cameron

I read with interest the latest views of Board members on how to improve global governance. While I broadly share the sentiments expressed I fear they fail to take into account the enduring reality of the nation state, rivalries between … Continued

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Systemic Global Change: Pt. II
The 2020s: seminal moment, legitimate group, critical path?
Kennedy Graham

Part I on Systemic Global Change explored systemic risk and systemic change, the ‘seminal moments’ of the 20th century when the contemporary international system was established and refined, and the efforts undertaken during the UN era for effecting change. This … Continued