Dr Chris Williams

Chris has held academic posts at the Universities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cairo and London, and at the UN University Leadership Academy (Jordan). He was an ESRC Fellow on environmental victims at the Global Security Programme (Cambridge University) and Rowntree Fellow on disability rights at the Norah Fry Research Centre (Bristol).

His practical research includes: street-working children in South Africa, Turkey, Lebanon and Afghanistan; disability rights in Egypt, China, Thailand and Japan; environmental victims in India; and educational inclusion in Palestine, Liberia and Kazakhstan.

His books include: Terminus Brain: the environmental threats to human intelligence (1997); Environmental victims: new risks, new injustice (1998); Leaders of integrity: ethics and a code for global leadership (2001); Leadership accountability in a globalising world (2006); Researching power, elites and leadership (2011); and Doing international and global research (2015).

Chris has served as a magistrate, and was originally a professional musician.

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